Letter to the Editor: Parent and Resident Supports Clark’s Bid for City Clerk Seat


Letter to the Editor:

I wholeheartedly support Kimberley Clark for City Clerk in our upcoming election and here is why I think you should, too.

Kimberley is the only candidate who has direct experience overseeing the election process. A few years ago, Sacramento modified the election process and the City was no longer responsible for overseeing the election of School Board members. As the Elections Filing Officer for the Burbank Unified School District, Kimberley assumed responsibility for managing that process. She coordinates with the County and must abide by the same timeline and rules as our current City Clerk does for all election protocols.

I began collaborating with Kimberley while I was an active parent volunteer when my children attended BUSD schools. As I assumed different leadership roles and responsibilities and worked more closely with the District Offices and School Site leaders, Kimberley was my go-to for questions and to steer me in the correct direction. She always did so professionally, calmly, and without bias. These traits will transfer well as she heads the City Clerk’s office and becomes our community liaison to City Hall.

Kimberley Clark has the experience and is exceptionally qualified to be Burbank’s next City Clerk.

Clark for Clerk!

Barbara Miller
Burbank Resident

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