Letter to the Editor: Reader Disagrees With Writer on City’s Tinhorn Flats Financial Recovery


Letter to the Editor:

Mr. Sherwood,  It is a mystery why, after all this time and increased knowledge of the psyop that was the covid pandemic, you even bother to write about money owed to the city. 

Given what we now know, covid was never as life-threatening as the government said it was; the vaccines were more dangerous than the virus.  The lockdowns were catastrophic, the “six-feet rule” was made-up out of whole cloth as Fauci just admitted.  Masks never did or could prevent transmission any more than the vaccines did.

In short, the owners of Tinhorn Flats had more common sense than those who fell for the hoax.  Why continuously beat a dead horse re: money spent or owed at this point in time?  Cities that went all in on the scam embarrassed themselves.  The entire affair should be forgotten by all except the historians who will write about the madness of crowds in years to come.  The owners of Tinhorn Flats were the smart guys. No one who went there while it remained open contracted the virus.  Those who fell for the scam were gullible sheep.  Let it go. 

The city should absorb whatever costs they allegedly incurred and consider it a lesson learned.  They should have been smarter and represented our city and our small businesses better. 

Again, knowing what we know now, Tinhorn flats got it all right.  Let them be.  Let the whole affair fade away.

Patricia McCarthy


Editor’s Note: This is regarding the opinion piece: Opinion: City vs. Tinhorn Flats Fiasco: In All Transparency, Burbank Taxpayers are the Real Losers