Letter to the Editor: Readers Says Second Amendment Rights are Under Attack


Letter to the Editor:

Vice Mayor Konstantine Anthony wants the Burbank City Council to take all firearms away from law-abiding citizens and suppress our Second Amendment rights.

The City Council is considering a vote to limit the sale of legal firearms in Burbank and offend our Second Amendment rights.

The City Council is considering:

• Tax-payer funded firearm buybacks that are sure to cause taxes to go up.
• Restrictions on access to firearms by limiting the number of legal sales in Burbank.
• Additional local rules and regulations that are not supported by the latest Bruen Supreme Court ruling.

In order to stop this, please do ALL of the following:

Action #1: Email the City Council opposing these regulations: citycouncil@burbankca.gov
Sample: “Dear Burbank City Council: I oppose any and all new regulations limiting my access to legal firearms including opposing limits on the number of FFLs operating in Burbank and needless local laws that offend my Second Amendment rights. Please do not pass any such ordinances. Thank you, [your name]

Action #2: Call Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 6:00pm to give public comment during the Council meeting. Phone (818) 238-3335.

Action #3: Forward this to all of your fellow patriots who want to stop the growing efforts to take away our firearm rights…ask them to do the same.

Christopher Matthew Spencer

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    1. The availability of firearms in our city is a problem. There are too many gun stores in Burbank. The ease with which someone can purchase a firearm, in a fit of anger, mental illness, or with the intention of murder, must now be controlled.

      Gun enthusiasts don’t want to hear this, and they don’t want to face the mounting call for gun control and the end of the NRA’s unsurpassed ability to control the narrative and influence political figures and politics itself.

      It’s time to protect our citizens from overzealous gun enthusiasts, and from the evil acts perpetrated on innocent children and adults by those with axes to grind and/or mental illness.

      If a choice needs to be made here, it’s to stop the senseless killing.

    2. Fellow Burbank Residents:

      I too urge you to email the city council and call to get your voice heard. BUT…be a TRUE patriot and say the EXACT OPPOSITE of what this numbskull says. Tell the city council 14 gun stores within in the city limits is WAY too many. Remind them that there are more gun shops than coffee shops in the city limits and that is RIDICULOUS! Tell them that there are sensible approaches for communities to manage the sale and distribution of guns and that it starts with a moratorium on any new gun dealers. Where did COMMON SENSE go? Why is it that we keep letting these gun nuts, and their zealotry, shape America’s approach to guns? Take a stand and tell the city council you support their COMMON SENSE approach to limit the expansion of gun dealers in the city of Burbank!

    3. Correction on the coffee shops comment..my initial google search made it look like this comment was true, after a re-check, and using a bigger screen there are more coffee shops…but it’s not by a whole lot. Point still stands that 14 gun shops is way too many in our city. But I didn’t want to leave something not 100 accurate go unchecked. Regardless, contact the city council and let them hear your voice. NO MORE GUN SHOPS IN BURBANK!!

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