Letter to the Editor: Resident Says No to Marijuana Storefronts


Letter to the Editor:

I am a long time resident of Burbank. I am also a graduate of Woodbury University in Burbank. I work, live and play in Burbank.

I am emailing to request the continuation of restrictions for the sale of marijuana in Burbank. I am not against the legalization but I do believe that marijuana storefronts will be a detriment to the quality of life in Burbank. As an architect, it is not hard to see that the typology of the these stores do not foster community style retail. They are fortresses, with no windows and armed guards. That alone shows us that they are security risks, that they themselves are aware of. I can’t imagine how families will feel eating at places like New Deal or The Palm, if the neighboring establishment is being guarded by armed forces. As we saw at the beginning of the pandemic, Burbank already has a bad reputation for being the place to buy guns. We don’t need to also be the place to buy marijuana. Citizens who want it can easily drive to neighboring cities or have it delivered to their home. We need to find more appropriate solutions to increase our local tax revenue and we don’t always have to take the low hanging fruit.


John Pawlak

Editors Note: This letter was also sent to the Burbank City Council

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