Letter to the Editor: Resident Does Not Want Police Department Defunded


Letter to the Editor

My husband and I have been Burbank residents for nearly 30 years and hope to spend the rest of our days here.
We love Burbank and believe in our police department 100%. We here in Burbank have not suffered the same looting and rioting that has occurred in many other LA county cities and we can thank the exceptional work of our Police Department for our safety and well being. 
Please, we implore you, do NOT de-fund our Police!
Dorothy M. Gibbs

    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. Not sure Dorothy understands what defunding the police but as a Burbank resident I want mental health professionals to deal with matters they are trained in so Police can focused on their jobs and not be overwhelmed handling other responsibilities. Denver had a great example of how this can happen, hopefully Burbank can replicate this! Police and Burbank win

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