Letter to the Editor: Resident Feels City Should Not Fund Renter Relocation Assistance


Letter to the Editor:

According to the City’s staff report:
“At the May 16, 2023, City Council meeting. Vice Mayor Schultz requested information on utilizing $500,000 in one-time General Fund dollars for an Interim Program for Renter Relocation Assistance (Interim Program). This memorandum summarizes the framework of a proposed Interim Program for Council consideration, discussion, and direction.
While my heart goes out to anyone who is asked to vacate an apartment when the property owner exercises their right to renovate, place a family member in the apartment, or convert to condominiums; it is not the duty of the residents of Burbank to pay higher sales taxes and fees to help those persons with relocation assistance. This far exceeds the mandate of the City and we are told repeatedly that the 10.25% sales tax is higher than our neighbors (who only pay 9.5%) because of “essential programs” and this is not a good use of taxpayer funds; nor is this an essential program to run the City.
According to Guidestar’s records, Burbank nonprofits bring in more than $1.6 billion annually with more than $1.7 billion in total assets. There are plenty of good samaritans and nonprofits out there to help people with their situations without the government taking our tax money to help people move. 
There are nonprofits to do the good work that needs to be done without the government getting involved.
If you object to this misuse of our taxpayer funds as I do, you can write to the City Council at citycouncil@burbankca.gov to lodge your objection. 
Christopher Matthew Spencer