Letter to the Editor: Resident Hopes Drivers Will Make Good Parking Decisions


Letter to the Editor:

Our State and  City leaders have started us on the path of rapid population growth. This is their vision for Burbank and other towns in California. We are forced to cope with that vision and face a planned population growth that has been estimated to increase to as many as 145,000 residents within the next two decades from the current 103,703 (2019) population.
With more people comes more responsibility for us all and that includes how we manage what parking we have.
Adding parking restrictions isn’t always good. It means more cost in the form of signs, permits and adding city workers to enforce new restrictions. As signs age, they will have to be replaced. Parking restrictions result in more tax dollars going out the door.
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We can avoid these costs by being better neighbors.

We can all do our part by being courteous in our parking decisions.
Usually, two cars can park in front of a home, so please do not take up both spaces. Whenever possible, you can place your automated refuse, recycling and green bins in front of your driveway apron if you aren’t leaving the house or if you are going to be away. Also, once your bins are picked up, removing them promptly will free up parking space.
If you have multiple cars, consider parallel parking in front of your own driveway when parking is limited.
If you have other ideas for helping preserve our neighborhoods and improve harmony, please post your parking comments below.

Christopher Matthew Spencer