Letter to the Editor: Resident Looking for Hollywood Ending for Rancho Area


Letter to the Editor:

If this were a perfect Hollywood (Burbank) movie, the surrounding studios would swoop in, buy out the Pickwick developers and save our Rancho for the happy ending….

They’re spending $500,000,000 on Warner Bros Ranch couldn’t they throw $27 million this way to preserve the Rancho? 

They love to film here, it’s beautiful and perfect but also because it’s quiet, convenient, low key and we are used to them filming. They use Pickwick and LAEC for base camp all the time they even own a few blocks of houses here. They also use our horses. This is their neighborhood too.

Many of their employees have horses here, live here.

They know some of our streets have no sidewalks. They know how much we’re in our streets. How dangerous it will be when all the cars start cutting through speeding when Riverside starts backing up more than it already does. They know this area is zoned very specifically for safety.

200 plus cars right in the middle of an Equestrian neighborhood. Accidents waiting to happen.

The horses, the people, the kids, the minis, the dogs, the strollers, bicyclists, the buggies, golf carts etc…anyways…

Closing credits (Old Town Road playing) with riders coming in from all directions at sunset, tying up at Celia’s for dinner and drinks to celebrate.

Our government has failed us.

Sharla Fisher

    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. Sharla, the land is not yours. You do not own it. Get over it. The rest of the city gets tired of your ‘not in my back yard’ complaining. All of your arguments against the project are ‘red herrings’.
      I’ll see all of you at the next one…

    2. Perhaps I was absent when this was explained, but why did the owners of Pickwick decide to sell? That would be useful intel.

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