Letter to the Editor: Resident Questions “Citywide Complete Streets” Plan


Letter to the Editor:

Hello Fellow Burbankers:
I enjoy picking up my favorite treats at the patisserie on San Fernando and since February, I have struggled to find parking in the Burbank downtown area.
The City adopted a thing they call the “Citywide Complete Streets” plan on June 16, apparently as an anti-motorists initiative.
I was not amused when I started reading this report. On page 23, the City uses terms such as “whites” and “African American”. These are terms used by the poorly educated and are outdated. What about people from Panama, Haiti and the Dominican Republic? On the Census, where the information is presumably captured, the term “black or African American” is used however the City did not expand the possibility to folks who were not of African descent but who have dark complexions. The point is this document is not written by the most sophisticated minds in our City (Psst…they hire consultants to do this work). 
The way I see it, these parklets are taking up a lot of vehicle parking spaces and making it difficult for customers and delivery services to find parking. They appear to only cater to dining and drinking establishments.
They are usually empty with the one exception of the weekend when the parklet (singular) closest to the mall on one side has quite a few customers. 
Here are some videos showing the parklets empty most of the time.
September 29 at 4pm: https://youtu.be/yJSfJl4ECGw
September 25 at 9pm: https://youtu.be/3hrEZ2tzdeM
September 22 at 2pm: https://youtu.be/5CgfCL1U5yQ
Post a day of the week and time you believe these parklets might be full and I would gladly go record some footage of the time period in question.
I will survey the merchants that do not offer food/drinks and ask them if this is hurting their businesses.
We will see what they say…
What is your experience? I invite you to comment below.

Christopher Matthew Spencer


BurCal Apartments8715


  1. Sigh…it’s Chris again. Have you considered a better use of your time would be to just run for City Council instead of treating this website like a personal blog?
    In any case:
    1. You struggled to find parking since February, yet the Citywide Complete Streets was implemented in June, according to you. Sounds like the CCS didn’t cause the problem–since you had trouble 5 months before it began.
    2. There is always plenty of parking in the many garages in Burbank. Perhaps you should be willing to walk a block or two?
    3. I like the parklets, and I like fewer cars. Cars are noisy, dangerous, and bad for the environment. The fewer of them the better, especially in a crowded pedestrian area like San Fernando.
    4. Were you seriously recording video and narrating while driving? Fairly sure that’s reckless at best, and likely illegal. Please turn yourself into the police unless you’d like me to report you?
    5. That was a random inclusion of ethnicity language in your comment. Have you tried keeping your complaints focused on one topic? It helps you not sound like you’re rambling and incoherent.

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot to work on Chris! Good luck with the self-improvement!

    • Ryan, not everyone lives at Avalon downtown like you and while you can walk over to the area, not everyone who wants to visit downtown walks.

  2. I have zero issues with it. There is plenty of parking in the parking structures. I think people are just getting too lazy these days. Unless you are handicapped, it would not kill you to walk a little. Get over it.

    • Tom, are you walking distance from downtown? Please share these important details. Ryan lives at Avalon, my friend is his neighbor in the same building but many of us do not…and if you walk, why would you need a car? Thanks.

      • Fun fact: I do not live in Avalon! Then again, why should we expect you to fact-check your own statements, since you’re clearly pushing your own agenda and not listening to different opinions.
        I’ll reiterate: I’m not saying you should walk TO downtown. I’m saying you should park IN downtown and walk the remaining block or two to the shop/restaurant you’d like to visit. Simple concept.

  3. Christopher…ugh…just put a sock in it already. You may be the only one who doesn’t know it, but you really make no sense. It’s kinda of a hoot that you criticize the writing ability of someone else but can’t seem to notice what a poor writer you are yourself. Your narcissism is the only thing that comes through loud and clear in your writing. You should keep your inane ramblings contained to your own social media accounts so this wonderful website isn’t tainted by your BS.

    • Tammy, it is fortunate that the decision to allow free speech isn’t in your hands. Cancel culture and shadow banning does not exist on this site.

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