Letter to the Editor: Resident Says “Thank You” to Poll Workers


Letter to the Editor:

I’ve voted early. I did so in person, at the nearest polling location down the street from my home. There were seven poll workers, one of whom was a supervising employee from the County and the remainder of the six workers were volunteers. I know, because I asked. Two of them were 16 years old and at least one was apparently well past retirement age. It was wonderful to see the commitment of these volunteers. I believe voting in person is better; more secure and more reliable, than mailing in a ballot. I skipped voting on anything whenever I did not have sufficient information to make a decision about the person or measure on the ballot. I prefer not to engage in guesswork. I thanked all of the volunteers who gave their time. I was the only person voting in the room and the volunteer who assisted me said that it was pretty quiet. I won the lottery being born in America and being able to vote is something I cherish. As an eight-year USN veteran, I also have a special appreciation for the American way of life and our incredible freedoms. I realize the significant commitment each of the volunteers gave to us by being present all day to help voters and for that, I want to give thanks.

Christopher Matthew Spencer