Letter to the Editor: Resident Says Zizette Mullins Deserves Your Vote


Letter to the Editor:

As our election season gets underway, Burbank voters have a unique opportunity to elect an individual to the City Council who is not only exceptionally well-qualified, but certainly able to hit the ground running from day one.  I’m speaking of course, of Zizette Mullins, our City Clerk.  Zizette is a 40-year resident of Burbank and has over 35 years of local government experience. 

Zizette is a true American success story.  She came to this country with her family as an immigrant from Egypt at the age of 13, not speaking a word of English.  She and her family overcame great odds, working hard, acclimating to the American culture, and ultimately succeeding in all aspects of life.   

Zizette’s commitment to public service is unparalleled.  Her extensive background in City government includes experience in the departments of Finance, Water & Power, Economic Development, and the City Manager’s office for our neighboring City of Glendale, as well as serving as Burbank’s elected City Clerk for the past ten years.  In her local government career, she has considerable executive management experience, but is also sensitive to the needs of our rank-and-file workers, having previously served as president of Glendale’s general employees’ association, representing nearly 1,000 individuals.  This is probably why she has the endorsement of nearly every major local organization representing working people. 

I have known Zizette for nearly 35 years and can personally attest to her dedication, tenacity, energy, and amazing work ethic.  Even though she has broad and extensive community support, she’s not political.  She’s in this City Council race for all the right reasons: she simply wants to continue serving the City that she loves.  With the retirements of Council members Talamantes and Frutos, a significant void will be left in the leadership of our fine City.  Electing Zizette Mullins will not only help to fill this void but be a significant win for the city. 


Matt Doyle 

    BurCal Apartments8715