Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Council Candidate


To the Editor:

As a lifelong Burbank resident, I have seen growth and change come to meet the needs of the citizens and to keep Burbank economically viable. The one constant in all of this growth and change has been quality leadership. The citizens of Burbank have elected leaders who understand the need to keep us safe, provide quality services, and support responsible growth that leads us to a future filled with prosperity.

We have the opportunity to continue this tradition by voting for Paul Herman for City Council. He will work tirelessly:

  • to build bridges between the City Council and the Board of Education to create a broader coalition to support our children
  • to make good decisions with our City finances to ensure the long-term strength of our local economy
  • to expand the role of our City’s Mental Health Evaluation Team to make safety of all citizens a priority
  • to fight for local control to protect our neighborhoods and ensure smart, measured growth to address the housing crisis we face

Paul is endorsed by over 100 citizens who are all Burbank voters. He is the only candidate who is endorsed by the Burbank Firefighters, the Burbank Board of Realtors, The Burbank Police Officers, The Burbank branch of the Armenian National Committee, The IBEW local 18, 8 former mayors, current Mayor Sharon Springer, 3 of her Council colleagues, and County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

Vote with me for Paul Herman for City Council to keep our wonderful city moving forward to a safe and prosperous future.

Linda Walmsley

    BurCal Apartments8715