Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Mullins for City Council


Letter to the Editor:

This letter is in support of Zizette Mullins. She is our current elected Burbank City Clerk and is running for City Council. I am a 21-year Burbank resident and homeowner.

I highly recommend Zizette for Burbank City Council. I can speak to her character, as she is my next door neighbor. She is committed to her family, community, and faith. I enjoy seeing her spend time with her large family as a wife, sister, mother, and grandmother. Zizette is a person of high ethical standards; she treats others with respect and approaches matters in a balanced manner. She is kind, smart, fun, and very interested in continuing to make Burbank a great place to live, work, and play. She is a great neighbor, friend, and always lends a helping hand. If I ever have questions about the city or who to contact, she is extremely resourceful. She is successful in her career, having made a commitment to public service, working for the cities of Glendale and Burbank for over 30 years (including 10 years as our elected Burbank City Clerk). She was also a small business owner; this is unique in that she understands the balance of multiple interests from residents, businesses, government, and the local community.

She is in the City Council race to continue to serve Burbank. Burbank is not perfect, but it is home and a special place for local residents. We choose to live here for many reasons. The thing I like best about Burbank is we are a small city in a large metropolitan region, and the city is fast and responsive (e.g., police, fire, etc.). Zizette is qualified and knows how to get things done. I am confident that if elected, she will be effective in the role on Day one. Her work experience and insights will continue to serve Burbank residents well.

John Rocca

BurCal Apartments8715