Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Schultz for City Council


Letter to the Editor:

This is a very important election. Not only are we electing a President to lead the country, we are also choosing two City Councilmembers that will be tasked with guiding us through this crisis, and coming out of it even stronger. There is a lot at stake. So how do we filter through the nonsense and decide who will be our voice on the City Council? This is where we need guidance and insight the most. This is when I tell you about my friend and City Council candidate Nick Schultz.

I have spent over a decade working with the Democratic Party. As the former President of the Burbank Democratic Club, I have worked to get our City Council and School Board candidates elected as well as our Assembly and State Senate. In the last twelve years I have never gotten as personally involved in a city race as I am now, but when Nick asked me if he should run, I was all in.

I met Nick when he ran for a seat on the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, (DPSFV). I had just been elected for my first term as Chair of that organization and I was a little hesitant when meeting him because I didn’t know him. What I found out after seeing him work was that I could count on him. He and I share the big picture perspective which allows him to see how our decisions and actions effect all involved, not just the person in front of him. He was patient and listened to all sides before making a decision. He fights for what he believes in but never turns down a chance to hear from an opposing view. What impressed me the most was how he set his personal goals aside to do what was best for the organization. That’s leadership. That’s what we need on City Council in Burbank.

Burbank is a great city and I’m invested in keeping it that way. If that’s going to happen we need to be open to new perspectives and experience. We can’t continue living in our self-imposed bubble if we want to grow and become stronger. We need people like Nick Schultz on the City Council. Don’t just take my word for it. Visit his website at NickforBurbank.com and find out. One of the most important votes I will cast this election will be for Nick Schultz and I encourage you to do the same.

Shanna Ingalsbee
Burbank Resident
Chair, DPSFV