Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Springer’s Experience on City Council


Letter to the Editor:

I support Sharon Springer for a second term on City Council. The upcoming four years for Burbank are as challenged and critical as any such time in decades. Loss of local control by Sacramento, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, ever growing local taxes with more coming, impossible state mandates for residential properties both for rent and purchase, unfunded and badly needed infrastructure, and so much more. The key word in this upcoming election is EXPERIENCE. Sharon is the only candidate with proven experience and a positive track record on the Council. She has worked on and studied the challenges that will continue to drive Burbank in the coming years.

The ultimate responsibility for any member of the Council is not to just sit and vote but to reach out and be part of the community. Everyone knows Sharon as being the most involved and accessible member of the current Council. Call or meet with her and her response to problems and requests are addressed within hours. Her connection with all residents is second to none. You can see her every Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market and at basically all community events and forums. That is what an effective member of Council should do and that is what Sharon does on a daily basis. Her constituency is Burbank, all of Burbank.

I encourage you all to join me in voting for experience, dedication, commitment, a proven track record and history of never giving up or giving in to special interests: Sharon Springer.

James Hardy

    BurCal Apartments8715