Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Takahashi for Council


Letter to the Editor:

I have known and admired Tamala Takahashi since we met around 2001, when our children were small. We were regulars at the Western Bagel on Verdugo. At the time, Tamala was writing and editing a newsletter for parents in Burbank called Kidsize Connections, so from the first time we met, she was already proving her commitment to the families of Burbank.

When her kids were older, she homeschooled and wrote books about it. She volunteered all over the city for causes and organizations she believed in, and took up leadership positions with Toastmasters and her Knitting Guild of which I am a member. I was always hearing about her activities on social media. 

In more recent years, while Tamala’s daughters have been attending Burroughs, she has participated even more fully in leadership roles in our lovely city and it is only right that she be elected to our City Council. Tammy has demonstrated consistent and committed leadership for many years and in many contexts. She is an outstanding listener and, in my opinion, exemplifies the attributes of a servant leader who sees her role as support and encouragement, rather than as authority. 

Tamala Takahashi will be getting my vote for Burbank City Council. 

Wendy Stackhouse
Burbank resident


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