Letter to the Editor: Resident Thinks Blocking Aleppo Pines Removal May be a Mistake


Letter to the Editor:

Guardians of the Pines may be well meaning as they attempt to halt the removal of the Aleppo Pines but I believe this group is misguided. I have lived on Niagara Street since 1982, These trees are old, overgrown and they are dangerous. Planting these trees some 60 plus years ago was obviously done with not great foresight.
I used to have two Aleppo Pines in my front yard, however about 10 years ago one of them snapped in half at 1:30 in the morning, landing on my neighbor’s car. The current remaining tree now sits vicariously leaning over the street it has a huge overgrown trunk, and due to the shallow wide root system the sidewalk frequently gets raised and needs repair.  Not to mention what these roots have done to my front yard. 
Over the years we’ve had large branches randomly snap off, landing on cars and/or blocking the street. My greatest fear is one day someone is going to  get hurt from an unsuspecting branch falling. Wind storms can be quite frightening with these trees. 
I love living on a beautiful tree lined street, however I also believe the trees lining the street should be not only beautiful but safe.  Guardians of the Pines need to understand exactly what they are asking for and perhaps speak to more people that have lived with these trees and have experienced the damage these trees have brought. 

Randy Karman

    CBIS DataTax