Letter to the Editor: Resident Touts Perez for City Council Seat


Letter to the Editor:

My name is Shanna Ingalsbee.  I have the pleasure of serving as the Vice-Chair of the Landlord Tenant Commission for the City of Burbank.  I am writing today because we as voters face another critical election.  We are choosing three City Councilmembers who will be tasked with guiding our local economy to a full recovery. There is so much at stake as we rebuild from the pandemic and create a new normal. To achieve that goal, we need innovative and creative thinkers to guide our City. We need Nikki Perez.   

Nikki was born and raised in Burbank after her parents immigrated from El Salvador and Guatemala.  Her father is a teamster with Local 399, and her mother is a campus aid with the Burbank Unified School District. Public service is not just a calling for Nikki, it’s in her DNA.  

As a renter in Burbank for over two decades, I have often felt unrepresented on our City Council. I have even heard a former Council member say that “renters don’t vote”. That’s a tough position to defend considering that nearly sixty (60) percent of Burbank’s population are renters. As a lifelong renter, Nikki Perez knows what encourages renters to move to Burbank as well as what inspires them to stay. Renters can be just as involved in their community as home owners and deserve equal opportunities. Renters don’t lack the desire to vote, what they lack is a voice at the table. Renters need an advocate who understands their unique concerns and creates a path toward understanding and engagement with their elected representatives. Nikki will be the perfect voice for that overlooked and often discounted community of which she is a member.  

Nikki is running to steer Burbank towards a proactive, not reactive approach to state and federal housing legislation.  She has direct experience working with the homeless population and her Social Work background uniquely positions her to attack the issue from all sides. She wants to increase our inventory of affordable and working-class housing units that fit our City’s needs.  She is committed to creating more opportunities of homeownership for renters who want to own in Burbank.  Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Nikki is the only candidate fighting to establish rent stabilization and further tenant protections in Burbank.

Burbank is an amazing community and I’m committed to keeping it that way.  But to do so we need to elect new leaders with perspectives that have historically been underrepresented.  Visit her website (www.NikkiPerez.com) to learn more.  I’ll be proudly voting for Nikki and I encourage you to do the same!

Shanna Ingalsbee
Burbank Resident