Letter to the Editor: Resident Upset About Seeing a Lewd Act in Front of a Preschool


Letter to the Editor:

To our shock and disbelief, a woman and man were having sex, or attempting to, in front of the Chabad House preschool building at Magnolia and Buena Vista.  It was 11:23 am on a Wednesday, August 24th

At first when I saw the woman with the man on top of her, I thought they were fighting.  Then they separated, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  The details are much too graphic to be printed.  The BPD were called, and I have sent pictures we took of the woman walking with the shorts at her knees and him with the pants unbuckled to Chief Albanese who quickly replied and included the patrol Captain and MET (Mental health Evaluation Team). 

As horrible as this was, I am comforted in the fact that our police department is by far the best in Los Angeles County.  Are they perfect, no. 

But we are lucky to be residents with such a responsive and dedicated team of professionals who stand ever vigilant, nay, resolute guard against the tide that flows unceasingly into our community.

At the last Police Commission meeting there was a training module where the presenter spoke for an hour and forty minutes about team building and ended it with an interesting comment that other departments have rewritten mission statements to be short and precise that are easy to remember and instill a sense of pride.  I would offer the following:

“To be ever vigilant, with resolute guard, we stand to defend and protect”

David Donahue
Burbank resident and business owner