Letter to the Editor: Resident Upset With Mayor’s National Attention


Letter to the Editor:

Once again our Burbank Mayor, Anthony Konstantine, has exposed his agenda on National Television to abolish all Police Nation Wide. I’m not sure if Anthony has ever heard of Ted Bundy, Bugsey Malone or recently Danelo Cavalcante, a Twice Convicted Murderer, that was captured today in Pennsylvania and taken into custody. These Felony Convicts were taken off the streets to protect innocent citizens  by guess who? The Police! 
Those who shouted from their secured homes to “De-Fund The Police” during civil unrest, got their wish as many Law Enforcement Officer Resigned or took Early Retirement, leaving a limping understaffed Police Force, where-by CRIME BLOOMED across America. Those aristocratic folks, screaming from the window of their Rolls Royce to De-fund the Police have retracted that cry, when their Rolex Watch was stripped from their possession on Melrose in broad-daylight.
As our Burbank Mayor has appeared on National Television to expose his agenda to eliminate all Police Nationally, the City of Burbank is his foothold to commence as he is challenging Supervisor Kathryn Barger for the 5th District.  I can imagine to eliminate the County Sheriff if elected?
Konstantime; a not too successful Television Actor, is still on stage in La-La Land, however it is my thought as a former Police Commissioner and 80 year resident of Burbank, that he needs a better Script. The one he is presently reading makes for a TRAGIC ending! Take all the police off our streets, as if the criminals will take care of business in a better way than presently served by our PD? Did you really say that on National TV Anthony?
Maybe our Mayor can go back to make another Social Media Video to top his popular last production where-by he is being Spanked by a Transgender, while he laughs it off with obvious enjoyment and approval.
Wanna Comedic Rendition of how our community will look if we abolish Law Enforcement.  Watch the Laurel and Hardy Comedy Atol K”, where-by Stanly inherits an island. With a Constitution written by Ollie, “No Laws” therefore No Police, a coupe goes crazy and the Boys are banished from their own island.  Thinking that Actor Anthony could have written and directed that epic.
Contact the Burbank City Council and support maintaining a strong Police and Safety Services Departments in Burbank. Our Safe Community is not a Movie. And maybe request that the Administration put Anthony in the City Hall Basement to utilize former Council Member’s Desk (Jim Richman) who served time there. -and- Shut the door and turn off the lights!  I’ve heard enough from Anthony!!!!!
James Etter


    1. Mr. Etter, please consider that at this stage of your life, publishing unhinged rants like this may not be a great idea? People only tend to remember the last thing they heard about you, and right now you are leaving them this mindless drivel to remember rather than your service to Burbank. Please do better, most of your comments (the bigoted ones I’m talking about here) in no way represent the hearts and minds of the people of Burbank.