Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants Item Dumping to Stop


Letter to the Editor:

It seems more and more these days that people put their stuff out on the sidewalk. The “curb alert” has become avant-garde on social media.
See the picture below as an example. This junk was tossed out near my property. It has been sitting for weeks now. 
What can we do to help stop this trend and keep Burbank beautiful? There is a limit to how many of these dumping situations I can report to bulky item pick up. In case you need it, here is their web page: https://www.burbankca.gov/web/public-works/bulky-item-pick-up
I welcome your suggestions. What can we do to end this ugly practice?

Christopher Matthew Spencer

Picture supplied by author

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center


    1. I also live on Lomita Street and I’m tired of the dumping. I think maybe a Camera recording 24 hours a day with a sign that says no dumping might stop it that’s about the only thing. A security officer post to 24 hours a day will stop it but that would cost a lot of money. I’m willing to talk to you and we can talk about suggestions I live directly across from where they’re dumping the stuff. I’m willing to discuss suggestions.

      • Hi Michael, I have been emailing the office of the city manager to complain and they engage on the issue to the best of their ability. Evidence of the dumping may be helpful in prosecuting the crime. If you see the person doing it, please video tape and report to the police. Their number is (818) 238-3000. I recently did report a man who pulled up in a vehicle and took his items out and placed them on the sidewalk and the police came in about three minutes and engaged with him. The man also had a goat (not a joke). I took a video of the situation here: https://youtu.be/lNoI4yv0aP0?t=308 (bookmarked to the spot where the man was dumping).

        I hope that others will ask the City to prosecute dumping. It is illegal and really makes our city look bad. More and more people are doing this. Time to push back hard in my opinion.

    2. Sadly, I don’t think there’s much you can do about this problem. It’s happening all over the city. As long as the dump is too far for them to go, and there’s a cost for using it, this problem will continue.

      The pandemic is causing a lot of people to move and their leftovers are landing on sidewalks and streets everywhere. Call bulky pick-up and/or post a picture of the items on the Facebook page and group: “Buy Nothing Burbank.” It worked for me.

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