Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants Olive Avenue to Remain as it is with Traffic Lanes


Letter to the Editor:

I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of over 30 concerned Burbank residents on February 7th.  We were discussing the plans that could reconfigure Olive Avenue from Buena Vista on the west to the bottom of the Olive Bridge on the east from the current 4-lane (2 in each direction) thoroughfare it is, to a 2-lane street with a dedicated bus lane .
These plans are part of Metro’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) program. A BRT is created to provide more efficient bus service by establishing dedicated bus lanes that are separate from cars. The goal of this BRT is to create a bus route from  North Hollywood through Burbank, Glendale, and Eagle Rock, to Pasadena.  
The group that met is concerned that taking away a lane on Olive Avenue for a bus will cause more traffic congestion, create safety issues, and be detrimental to the businesses on the street. If, like me, you agree with these concerns it is time to contact the City Council and let them know that you want to keep Olive Avenue as it is —- the major east/west corridor in our city. 
Linda Walmsley
    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. Fun fact: Metro owns the right of way where we enjoy a walking trail and bike trail. If we keep forcing them to reduce the usefulness of their attempts at mass transit, perhaps they’ll just take that back and replace our amazing trail and bike path with bus lanes.
      If we won’t give them space on Olive, maybe we should just make each Chandler one way – one car lane, one bus lane.

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