Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants to See Local Retailers Do More to Stop Petty Thefts


Letter to the Editor:

Grocery stores are culpable for fostering an environment conducive to criminal activity, thereby compromising the safety of our communities and their employees. This realization has been brewing within me for years, and it crystallized further upon seeing a post by the Magnolia Merchants Association.

The association shared images of two thieves who stole valuable items from one of its members, a broadcast that reached the entire community and led to their capture.


However, it begs the question: Why don’t we witness similar transparency from major chains like Ralphs, Pavilions, Albertsons, or Vons? When I inquired with someone familiar with one of these stores, they revealed a distressing truth: individuals routinely walk in and out without paying, with thieves resorting to threats, verbal abuse, and violence.

The reason for this silence is evident—they don’t want the public to perceive their stores as unsafe. Yet, by turning a blind eye to criminal behavior, these establishments are effectively endangering Burbank residents, as everyone inevitably visits the grocery store. Just recently, a horrifying incident unfolded in the Ralphs parking lot on Victory and Buena Vista, where a woman was assaulted and her purse stolen by three assailants. Will we see any security footage? Highly unlikely.

It’s time for corporate giants to acknowledge their role in exacerbating crime and take proactive measures.

They must begin publicly disclosing incidents of brazen shoplifting and criminal behavior, and advocate for political candidates who prioritize prosecuting offenders.

Furthermore, they should leverage their influence and financial resources to lobby Sacramento for enhanced protection of their customers.

While Burbank boasts an exceptional police force, it’s unfortunate that we contend with one of the most ineffective district attorneys in the country.

It’s high time for these grocery conglomerates to prioritize community safety over corporate interests.

You have your ballots Burbank, get them out, vote, and mail them back before March 5th.  It mattes more then you know.

David Donahue

    BurCal Apartments8715