Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants You to Consider Your Vote for Assembly


Letter to the Editor:

To my fellow Burbank citizens: If you are considering voting for Mr. Schultz for Assembly please give the following some thought.
1) The creation of new housing was state mandated. Our city council(s) have placed many, many impediment’s on the creation of new housing for decades. If fact Schultz has done everything in his power to make construction MORE expensive. Shame on Mr. Schultz for attempting to give himself credit.
2) Schultz has allowed nepotism and cronyism to run rampant in our city. When presented with proof of such, he has remained silent.
3) Schultz has allowed, and voted for some salaries of our employees to exceed $500,000.00 each in many cases. Additionally, he has done nothing to control runaway overtime.
4) Schultz supported a (failed) parcel tax that would have increased the cost of living for every Burbank citizen. Schultz has now stated he supports the issuance of a new bond that will further increase the cost of living for everyone.
5) Schultz voted to allow a new bond to be issued by the Burbank Water & Power that will GUARENTEE our monthly utility bills will at least DOUBLE.
6) Schultz voted to allow monies from our general fund to help a select few pay rent that some were withholding. This should be considered a gift of public funds.
7) Schultz publicly called some citizens “bullies” who dared to have a different opinion than his. Public records indicate that Schultz himself specializes in taking doctors to court, and even Costco… I submit he knows quite a bit about bullying himself.
8) Schultz voted to add yet another tax to gun ownership.
9) In Mr. Schultz’s entire time on the Burbank council, he has never met a tax increase opportunity he did not support.
Joel Schlossman