Letter to the Editor: Resident Would Like to See Less Trash on Parkways


Letter to the Editor:

I have noticed an alarming trend in our beautiful city…we have some pretty trashy people here.
Picture supplied by letter writer
While all my neighbors and all my fellow Burbanker friends agree with me; we must keep Burbank looking clean, for some reason there are a few stinky eggs out there like this business that just dumped a bunch of stuff out on the parkway. No permit, no dumpster, just left their garbage out for someone else to deal with. I called Burbank’s bulky item pick up to arrange the pickup and they were nice enough to deal with it.
This isn’t an isolated incident either. We have some pretty trashy folks living in Burbank who think that their garbage is someone’s treasure and I have seen junk on the parkway for weeks at various locations. I have started just calling it in myself.
If you aren’t aware, Burbank will arrange a pick up of bulky stuff without a fee but it can only be placed out the day of the regular trash pickup and not before.
Here’s the email to use for making a request: bulkyitemcollection@burbankca.gov
Some items require a nominal fee and some items are prohibited altogether.
Be sure to read this flyer before making a request: https://bit.ly/2UtbiDc
Let’s keep Burbank clean and beautiful and not allow junky people to put their trash out on the parkway and have it sit for a very long time.

Christopher Matthew Spencer

BurCal Apartments8715


  1. Did anyone else notice that the “special $8.56 handling fee required” on the Public Works Department form was added about two years ago? There was already a fee built into our monthly bill (whether or not we ever used the bulky item service). I feel this “fee” is a redundant tax. This fee also encourages people to just place their castoffs onto the right of way – negating the whole idea of bulky item pick up.

  2. Joel,

    The City has continued to layer in fees over the years. I have commercial bins at my apartment buildings, yet I am assessed the solid waste fees plus the AB939 tax of 19% on top of the commercial company’s pick up fee.

    We must cut wasteful spending and achieve lower tax rates. In just the 30 years I have lived in Burbank, the taxes and city budget have exploded at levels that are not sustainable.


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