Letter to the Editor: Residents Support Measure QS


Letter to the Editor:

We are voting yes on Measure QS and you should too.  One of the things that makes Burbank such a great city and a wonderful community is the public school system. In addition to our own utility and Fire and Police Departments, my wife and I bought a home here over thirteen years ago because of Burbank’s  schools.  Burbank Unified students, including ours, enjoy access to lower class sizes, fantastic teachers, a robust arts program, wellness programs, and STEM and GATE programs.  The state is only funding the  local school systems at the 2008 level, and without our passage of this measure, some, if not all, of these attributes will be deeply impacted.

Having a great school system benefits all of us. As property owners, it increases the value of our homes and makes them more desirable to potential buyers or renters. Businesses want to be located in a vibrant city and great schools motivate employees to want to live and work in the same community.  In addition, our senior neighbors will not be negatively impacted.  All they have to do is submit an exemption request. An adequately funded school system provides the instruction and programs that prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders, the next generation of Burbank doctors, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, community activists, teachers, business owners, etc. We need to join together as a community to support our schools and vote to provide the additional funding that this measure will provide.  For us it’s about $14 per month and we know it’s well worth the investment. A vote for QS is a vote for quality schools, a vote for stronger community.

Sincerely, Cindi and Brian Smith

    BurCal Apartments8715