Letter to the Editor: Residents Thank First Responders for National Night Out Attendance


Letter to the Editor:

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023 the Burbank Police and Fire Department observed National Night Out (NNO).  National Night Out creates a true sense of community and provides a great opportunity to bring our police and neighbors together under positive circumstance.
Our Neighborhood, like many groups in our city, hosted a NNO event.  We were honored to have visits from Burbank Fire Fighters and Battalion Chief, members of BPD command staff and Council Members Zizette Mullins, Nikki Perez, Tamala Takahashi and Police Commissioners Mike Chapman, Romik Hacobian and Michael Elman.
We appreciate the staff, NNO coordinators and volunteers and everyone who made this a memorable, milestone year! It is commendable, even through staffing and budget challenges this was a well-organized and well attended NNO. 
Special thanks to Fire Battalion Chief Robertson, Police Chief Albanese, Captain Cremins,  Captain J.J. Puglisi, who took the time to visit and talk to our neighbors.  We are lucky to have professional and compassionate public servants in our city.  This city-wide event is a true reflection of the commitment, dedication and hard work of the Burbank Fire and Police Departments.
Bob and Laura Frutos