Letter to the Editor: Retired Educator Supports Measure QS


Letter to the Editor:

Over 40 years ago, I purchased my home in Burbank for the very same reasons that many people purchase homes in Burbank today—excellent city services and outstanding schools. My three children attended and graduated from Burbank schools and I have recently retired from BUSD as a teacher and administrator. I can speak as a parent, community member, and a former BUSD employee, and I can vouch for the top-tier education that our schools provide and the incredible preparation my children received for life beyond high school.

Funding for public education from the state alone does not provide the level of education and multitude of opportunities for our kids that we have come to expect in Burbank. To help close the funding gap, I support Measure QS on the November ballot in order to continue the excellent programs in our schools and retain and recruit excellent staff.  Key features of Measure QS include an opt-out for seniors (65 years of age and older) as well as oversight by an independent committee. 

As a property owner in Burbank, my property value benefits from outstanding schools and city services.  A Yes vote on Measure QS will add approximately $170 to my tax bill each year. I am certain that the investment I make in the Burbank Schools by voting Yes Measure QS will continue to bring a strong value for my home as well as a continuation of the legacy of excellence in education that we know in Burbank! Won’t you join me in voting Yes on QS?


Anita Schackmann
Retired BUSD Teacher/Administrator
Parent, Community Member