Letter to the Editor: Retired Principal Throws Support Behind Springer


Letter to the Editor:

I am writing this in support of Councilmember Sharon Springer and ask that you vote for her to remain on the Burbank City Council.

As a retired Educator/Prinicpal of 38 years with the Burbank Unified School District. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon Springer since 2011.  We met at Burbank Community Day School where we worked on developing the school garden, the cooking program and multiple projects with our students and community members. In working with her,  I have come to know and appreciate Sharon’s passion and commitment to the Burbank community. Whatever program or activity arose she was there to lend a helping hand. My students, staff and myself were grateful to have her knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm when working on any project.  She understands the role of councilmember and she works hard at it. When it comes to experience, commitment and knowledge, Sharon Springer is a proven community leader and councilmember.  I ask you to get to know Sharon Springer and vote for her for City Council.

By Christine Krohn
Former BUSD Principal

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    1. Chris Krohn served BUSD faithfully and superbly.

      While I like Sharon Spring as a human being, she has voted multiple times to increase fees (a way to tax without calling it a tax) and she spoke to me about raising the Transient Occupancy Tax, and she declined to sign the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Since 1986, ATR has sponsored the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written promise by legislators and candidates for office that commits them to oppose tax increases.

      We need leaders who oppose new tax increases and can make budgets work without taking a larger percentage of our money. My disposable income continues to go down as tax rates in California rise to support a growing government largesse. This is emblematic of the Burbank City methodology as well.

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