Letter to the Editor: Support Tax Amazon Burbank, a Local Grassroots, Working Class Movement


Letter to the Editor:

My fellow residents,

Last year I proposed a city tax on large corporations like Amazon and WalMart to fund essential public services like rental assistance, school funding, and small business relief. https://myburbank.com/letter-to-the-editor-council-candidate-wants-amazon-taxed/

Since the November election, the pandemic and economic crises have continued to afflict working class Burbankers. Everyday people are suffering from rent and utility debt, lack of medical care and affordable housing, and job loss–all while corporations like Amazon have made over $1 trillion in profits since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic..

That’s why I’m excited to support Tax Amazon Burbank, a local grassroots, working class movement that’s taking on the pandemic profiteers to tax the biggest businesses here in Burbank with the expressed intent to fund these social programs. To beat these corporate giants, we need renters, workers, union activists, and youth to get involved! This Saturday is the first Tax Amazon Action Conference in Burbank: https://fb.me/e/a7bXY0Ev7 During this online meeting, we will discuss how to implement a winning strategy based upon the successful Tax Amazon movement in Seattle in 2020. These proposals will then be submitted to City Council for inclusion on the 2022 ballot.

This is working class democracy in action.Get involved, get to know your neighbors, and get on the zoom call this Saturday at 2pm! I hope to see you there.

Contact TaxAmazonBurbank@gmail.com for further info.

In solidarity,

Konstantine Anthony
BUSD parent and local elected official

    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. Another one of Mr. Anthony (Democratic Socialists) ideas to ruin the City Burbank. Public services/social programs like rental assistance (if you can’t afford to live here then move to another location that is affordable for you). He writes everyday people are suffering from lack of medical care…maybe Mr. Anthony is not aware in the state of California individual health care mandate (that requires individuals to maintain health insurance is required). If you do not get medical insurance from employer you would get from Covered CA, Medi-Cal or Medicaid.

      Please make sure when you vote in 2022 to look at your ballot and read all the fine print before you vote (do your research). Let’s try to save the charm of Burbank.

    2. Mr. Anthony:

      Burbank conservatives are ripping off the handbills as fast as the roller skate team can put them up.

      We hope you like wasting time and money because we have hundreds of conservatives ripping down the handbills just as quick as they go up. We have the women on video and their faces are nice and clear. Should we ask Burbank PD to issue a citation? We are percipient witnesses and would gladly testify. Your work is a blight on our city. You are a city councilman and you’re having people post these flyers on city property?

      No company should pay a different tax than any other company. That is Un-American.

      In case you didn’t understand the Wayfair decision, Burbank is doing very well because of Amazon’s customers in Burbank. Consumers pay higher prices when taxes go up. Didn’t you take an accounting course?

      Do you actually pay any tax? As an elected official, will you share your tax returns? “Tax the rich!!!!” I would bet you didn’t pay any income tax yet you seem to have the ability to hold a job…even if you aren’t doing a good job for us. Did you even read the BWP report on Jeff Worthe’s project? I doubt it. Yet you voted for corporate welfare and you claim to be for the people. Wow! I did speak with BWP workers about the 4kV to 12kV upgrade. Interesting what you learn from actual workers.

      The socialist agenda will FAIL. PEOPLE OWE YOU NOTHING.

      We will keep ripping off the handbills. The City is thanking us, we are saving them time and taxpayer money.

      Get to work and clean up this town. Pick up trash like I do every day. Start by taking these trashy handbills off our beautiful city’s property.

      Your garbage is going right into the trash.

      And get on the phone to the governor and demand reopening. We are tired of listening to mooches asking for free stuff. Get to work and get us back to work.

      BURBANK CONSERVATIVES HATE MOOCHES. It’s a thing. Your ideas have been tried and failed over and over again. Read some history books and learn something. I do.

      Study Thomas Sowell. He USED TO BE a Marxist. You might learn something.

    3. Editor’s Note: We have received several replies that will not be published because of personal attacks or profanity used. Please keep your comments to the subject matter and professional – thank you

    4. Mr. Sherwood, please stop the censorship. Your refusal to print anything negative about Konstantine Anthony is part of the problem of how the citizens are stuck in a mess with this guy. WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING HIM? His lifetime scorecard is pure crap. I know, I know, you are afraid of getting sued….

    5. Has Mr. Anthony issued any apology to The family of Rosa Parks or the Burbank community for his despicable comments last month? Why is he pushing for more toxic policies in this community when he still has prior messes to clean up?

    6. How in earth Anthony managed to get elected is beyond me. Could the council please focus on things that help the residents of Burbank. Things like cleaning up the trash, getting the homeless into shelters, maintaining the parks and playing fields. Just stop with the vanity projects and virtue signaling.

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