Letter to the Editor: Supportive Resident Wants You Learn Facts About Marijuana Dispensaries


Letter to the Editor:

It does not matter how long you have lived in an area or how many grandchildren you have when writing a letter to the editor in opposition to marijuana dispensaries. One means nothing to the other.  

What matters are facts. Medical science. The truth. Not fear.

The crime rate in Burbank was higher in 1990 than it was in 2020.  In fact, crime rates in Burbank have steadily decreased in the past 30 years.  So, In the 1990’s crime in Burbank was at a high point. What was to blame then?  Did people blame the new 7/11 opening on the corner or the new Taco Bell?

A dispensary is apt to have better security than a 7/11 or an AM/PM mini mart. Also, the average clientele of a dispensary has and makes more money than the average customer of other establishments. 

The average amount spent at a 7/11 per visit is less than twenty dollars. The average amount spent on a visit to a dispensary is close to 100 dollars.  

The tax benefits for a financially struggling city are enormous.

Below is a link to an article regarding the fallacy that dispensaries bring crime.  There are links within that article to the original study.


Also here is a study done on the declining crime rate in Burbank.  You can also do your own research, as the city council should do regarding crime rates in other cities rising or falling when a dispensary opens or closes.


There are also a number of proven medical uses for Marijuana. 

The fact of the matter is, people oppose marijuana dispensaries for religious or personal preferences and use “rising crime” as a go to scare tactic when they need one.  How about we make decisions based on science, facts and the economic stimulation the city would benefit from.

In the year 2021 having a marijuana dispensary in your city should not be something to hysterically oppose.  What will be next?

Best wishes,

Ken Blackwell 

    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. Now this is a sensible, intelligent, well sourced comment. As someone who grew up here, and has lived on and on here for the last 50 years; the comments above about crime in the late 80s through the late 90s is correct. Gang violence, theft, etc happened much more than it does now. Although nothing nearly as bad as the rest of LA at the time. The city needs money, and marijuana dispensaries make tax money for the city, as well as attracting a well-off clientele.

    2. No thanks. Respectfully, your evidence does not support your claim in the least. The fact that crime rates have dropped in Burbank over the past couple decades does not support your argument that Marijuana dispensaries should be opened in Burbank. I would guess that most Burbank residents would rather not risk that positive trend. Nor would most favor risking the potential health, safety, and family natured culture of their city for the prospect of a few more tax dollars. Regarding the Rolling Stone article you reference, it lends little (if any) support to your argument. In summary, the article cites a research study by the pro marijuana website “Leafly” where they cherry picked data from 40 studies out of 100, in support of their “pot shops are good” agenda. In the words of Joe Biden, “come on maan!” To its credit however, the same article then goes on to cite a University of Colorado study “based on official police data” that demonstrates that crime DID increase with the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. I guess for some, Leafly the Pot Seller is a more reliable source than official police statistics (aka facts). But, for many including myself, your evidence just does not hold up.

    3. Kenneth, let me guess…you’re a Democrat born in the 60’s? You’ve failed to consider the immense cost taxpayers are paying for ER visits for cannabis-related overdoses which are not reported with precision but are all over the news. Pot tourism has resulted in thousands of edibles overdoses! And these out-of-town tourist come to check out the pot scene, consume way too much and end up in the ER with US PAYING THE BILL. No one is acting hysterically brah!

      All cannabis sales to Burbank residents, i.e. delivery sales, are required to be taxed. The Burbank PD can enforce this with simple sting operations! The delivery sales will rapidly become properly handled and the sellers will pay the taxes due. We do not need strip clubs, porn movie theaters and pot shops in Burbank. My brother and nephew both suffered from cannabis addiction. No thanks. We don’t need it here. People buy gasoline here but we don’t need a refinery in Burbank. We drive cars but we don’t need steel mills here. Dude, toke your smoke at home and order delivery. Yeah…dude you can enjoy it without a pot shop brah.

      And also on the tax front Burbank benefits from all State taxes including excise taxes on pot sold anywhere. Review how the state budget actually works to understand that excise taxes flow back to us anyway…even if we don’t let pot shops open here.

    4. Christopher, my letter was meant to open up a civilized, intelligent conversation. Your reply is childish. Your arguments are without merit and baseless.

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