Letter to the Editor: Takahashi Give Reasons for City Council Run


letter to the Editor:

I decided to run for Burbank City Council partly as a result of being a long-time involved community member. The first step I took to become involved those many years ago was to get to know the city. 
The more I got to know Burbank, it became very clear we have quite a lot going on in our “urburban” town. Between the library, parks and rec, nonprofits, schools, local organizations, religious organizations, business events, and more, there is ample opportunity to participate in our community. 
I am personally interested in ways to be civically involved. So, for the past three years, I’ve been publishing a local “get involved” newsletter: Burbank 411. I aggregate information from many sources and put together highlights of interesting happenings and ways to be civically engaged. You can find it here: http://burbank.substack.com
While the newsletter is a great source of information, there is a lot more going on than can fit in an email. 
People ask me, “How do you find out about all of these events?” Here it is! The list of my sources, where I find out about all of these events:
City of Burbank Calendar: https://www.burbankca.gov/calendar
Burbank Police Newsletter: https://www.burbankpd.org/newsletter/
Burbank Cultural Arts Commission: https://burbankarts.com
Burbank Chamber of Commerce Calendar: https://burbankchamber.org
Burbank VFW Calendar: https://vfw8310.org
MyBurbank Calendar: https://myburbank.com/events/
It’s a lot, right? That’s why I handpick highlights and list them in my weekly newsletter at Burbank 411: http://burbank.substack.com
We have a vibrant, wonderful community. I am thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you for being awesome, Burbank!
Tamala Takahashi
23 year resident, community advocate, candidate for Burbank City Council