Letter to the Editor: Tamala Takahashi Wants Community to Vote


Letter to the Editor:

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
As a candidate in the local Burbank City Council election, I receive daily updates on the ballot returns for our city. As of today, 7% of registered voters in Burbank have turned in their ballots. 
That means, out of the roughly 70k voters in Burbank, a little under 5,000 of our community has cast their vote. 
I am reaching out to ask each and every reader of MyBurbank, if you are an eligible voter in Burbank, please vote!
Here are some resources to help make decisions about the candidates and propositions:
• Entire ballot information: http://votersedge.org
• League of Women Voters guide with ballot measures: https://easyvoterguide.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/EVG-Nov2022-Eng.pdf
And you can check your voter status here:
Some helpful tips:
• Make sure to sign your ballot, or it will not be counted. 
• You can vote for up to *3* candidates for city council, *2* candidates for school board, and 1 candidate for city clerk. 
• You can drop off your ballot anytime on or before Nov. 8th. https://locator.lavote.gov/locations/
• Ballot centers will start to be open tomorrow through Nov. 8th. https://locator.lavote.gov/locations/vc/
• If you have damaged or misplaced your ballot, you can go to one of the voting centers to receive a replacement. 
If you have already voted, please encourage your friends and family to vote!
Thank you to everyone who is participating in this election. Your voice matters. 
Tamala Takahashi
23 year resident of Burbank, Community Advocate, Candidate for Burbank City Council
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    1. I like to vote in person. Too many reports of alleged voter fraud based on mailed-in ballots. Video evidence is out there and it’s alarming. Reports of voter fraud cannot be simply ignored. It is safer to vote in person.

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