Letter to the Editor: Voter Backs Takahashi for Council Seat


Letter to the Editor:

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tamala Takahashi as we were both new members of the Burbank Board of Library Trustees. I was struck immediately by her genuine kindness and openness. While she was also a new member she was no stranger to the library as she’d been a volunteer there through the non-profit organization Friends of the Library for several years. She was also a frequent patron of the library branches. As a Mom of 3 kids who are now all in high school and college, the library was a constant in the family from their infancy, so she was proficient on all the programs and services the Library offered.

I was impressed by her knowledge of not only the library, but Burbank as a whole. She was an excellent resource with her first hand knowledge of everything ranging from the Burbank Unified School District and Alternative Learning sources, Parks and Recreation services, to shopping and restaurant recommendations.

Tamala just in general is a person who really knows and loves the town she lives in.
I have been so appreciative of her campaign and have learned more about the current goings-on in Burbank through her monthly newsletters than from any other one source since I moved here almost 20 years ago.

She has progressive forward thinking ideas on how to help guide Burbank for decades to come. A Burbank that still has the small town feel of community but in a modernized world with equality, safety, efficiency, education and progress in mind.
I have no doubt in my mind that Tamala Takahashi would be an asset to the Burbank community as a City Council Member.

Melanie Renfroe