Life-Long Burbanker Ross Happy to Have Stadium Back

By On March 26, 2012

Vernon Ross

When Memorial Field was unveiled on the Burroughs campus several weeks ago, Vernon Ross, 75, showed he was still true to his school by wearing a red blazer to the dedication.

The 1955 Burroughs grad had a plaque under his arm that featured a piece from one of the old wooden bleachers. The school had sold 200 plaques as a fundraiser and Ross bought number 95, he said.

“My distinction is that I have attended all but three Burbank Burroughs football games,” he said.

He missed one in 1950 because there was a huge rain storm and he couldn’t get a ride. Then he missed another in 1962. And in the early 1980s he missed the game because he was working the swing shift at Lockheed.

He goes to most of the home games every season, he added.

Ross has lived in Burbank his whole life.

“My parents bought the house I live in brand new when I was 5 years old,” he said.

Vernon Ross sits in the new bleachers at Memorial Field with his plaque adorning a piece of the old bleachers. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Vernon Ross takes a glimpse of the new scoreboard and new field at JBHS's Memorial Field. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)