Lights Out XTreme Fighting a Big Hit in Burbank

Alex Trinidad and Brian Del Rosario battle it out.

Former Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Chris McCain made his amateur MMA debut Saturday night in a Lights Out Xtreme Fighting card at the Burbank Marriott Events Center.

The 6-foot-5, McCain was clearly the more fit of the two fighters and he knocked out Oxnard’s Jared Harris at the 38 second mark of the second round.

“I didn’t think I was going to knock him out with a kick. I thought I was going to punch him. In the first round when I kicked and got on top of him, I thought the ref was going to stop it so I kind of threw all the power I had for a little bit,” said McCain, who weighed in at 221 pounds, and last played for the Chargers in 2017.

Former Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Chris McCain gets ready to enter the ring.

The card continued with a number of professional bouts.

Perhaps the most impressive of the professionals was Glendale’s Alfred Khashakyan, competing at 142 pounds, who knocked out Keith Carson of San Bernardino at 3:13 of the first round

“I punch really hard. If I catch him a couple of times, I’m going to knock him out. He tried to wrestle me at first but he didn’t know I was prepared for wrestling too,” Khashakyan said. “I put him on the ground and put his lights out. If you’re a fighter, you have to be ready for everything. I was ready for everything tonight.”

Khashakyan improved to 10-4 with the victory.

In other bouts, Julian Baez won a unanimous decision featherweight contest over Roberto Romero.Gilbert Nakatani of Covina, competing at 131 pounds, won his pro debut over Glendale’s Mykola Aivazian with a second-round tap out.

Jared Papazian (left) takes on A.J. Bryant.

Blake Bilder, competing at 145 pounds, won a unanimous decision over Derion Chapman.

Alex Trinidad, competing at 151 pounds, earned a unanimous decision over Brian Del Rosario.

North Hollywood’s Sergio Perez celebrates his victory over Taylor Alfaro.

North Hollywood’s Sergio Perez, competing at 141 pounds, stopped Taylor Alfaro at the 34 second mark  of the third round with an arm bar.

AJ Bryant knocked out Jared Papazian in a featherweight title fight at the 2:42 mark of the second round.

Chad George, who was competing in his final career fight, stopped Hector Valenzuela at the 4:01 mark of the second round, as Valenzuela tapped out.

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