Little Nelly Opens Strong With Excellent Bites, Stylish Supplies In Burbank’s Magnolia Park

little nelly l.a.parisienne
Little Nelly's L.A. Parisienne is exquisite. The soft Ficelle baguette is filled with triple creme brie, add-on French ham, arugula and fresh apricot jam for a hearty and flavorful sandwich. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

One of the most exciting restaurant openings of the year in Burbank has to be Little Nelly in Magnolia Park. The brick and mortar storefront serves up some of the best food we’ve found in Burbank, and they’ve only been open a few weeks.

Fresh, quality ingredients make for absolutely amazing food. We stopped in to try their lunch offerings recently, and were completely hooked.

We love the design aesthetic inside, with open spaces, lots of wood, light paint and rustic crockery along the walls. While waiting for our lunch order to be prepared (everything is packaged to go), we perused the cold cases and sundries on the shelves.

Little Nelly is the Burbank local stop for a upscale hors d’oeuvres. We sampled the crunchy whole grain crackers and smoked salmon dip; I was ready to host a million dinner parties just so I could serve some of Little Nelly’s fancy fixings.

Little Nelly offers a lot of items for the home cook to turn flavor and style up a notch. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Well stocked with tasty and creative crackers, chips, pretzels, dips (not your generic supermarket type), sweets and more, Little Nelly has already hit the Burbank hostess circuit. No need to drive to Los Feliz or Larchmont anymore, thank God.

Loved the frozen case with the McConnell’s ice cream, frozen pizza dough and pre-made pizzas. The refrigerated case housed juices, fresh pastas, sauces, dips and more.

Oh, then there’s the food we ordered. Absolutely fabulous.

We sampled the Farro Salad Bowl, L.A. Parisienne sandwich with added French ham, the Key Lime Pie and the Cured Salmon Toast recently. Every item was on point – fresh, full of color and texture, every bite perfection.

Little Nelly’s fantastic Farro salad bowl. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Some of Little Nelly’s daily offerings are pre-packaged and placed in the refrigerated case for an easy grab and go option. Otherwise, one can order items at the counter to be freshly prepared and packaged to go.

Fresh pastries and breads are made daily, including focaccia, biscuits, a blackberry loaf, a lemon loaf, coffee cake and various other items, like the Key Lime Pie. The fresh Ficelle baguette was the softest bread we can remember in recent years and is a work of art in itself.

The current breakfast menu includes regular and vegan breakfast burritos, various toasts including salmon, avocado and roasted beets, a frittata and overnight oats with chia pudding.

Little Nelly’s Cured Salmon Toast, house-cured salmon with fromage blanc and herbed salad on heirloom toast, is perfection in every bite. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

For lunch, the regular menu includes a chicken salad sandwich, a veggie sandwich, the farro salad bowl, L.A. Parisienne served with or without ham on a tender baguette, lemon-caper tuna sandwich, a club sandwich, the Little Nelly gem lettuce salad, the Market Lettuce Salad Bowl and the Market Mozz, made with vegetables, Gioia fresh mozzarella, greens and a herb pistou on focaccia.

Love this shop and this vibe for Burbank and Magnolia Park. Let’s hope they can extend their hours/days so we can get some more Little Nelly goodness.

Little Nelly is the next step for Whoa Nelly, longtime upscale caterer for some of the biggest events in Hollywood. Owner Beth Griffiths has transformed the kitchen into a daily takeaway, party platter and elevated party goods resource, located in the trendy Magnolia Park area of Burbank.

However, word is getting around how fabulous Little Nelly is. So much so that when we tried to order some breakfast burritos online a little after 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday, by the time we tried to finalize the order, all the burritos were sold out. We will try those burritos one day, we just may have to wake up early on a Saturday to do so.

Little Nelly’s fresh pastry counter. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Restaurant Info: Little Nelly is located at 3815 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91505. (747) 241-8144. Little Nelly is open Wednesday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Catered Party Platter pickup available on Sundays.

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