Local Family Holds Creative Fundraiser To Benefit Dellinger Scholarship For BUSD Students

Stacy Schnaid (front, right) and Jill Spector show their painted silk wearable art from Mayu Silk Art in Huntington Beach. (Photo Courtesy Stacy Schnaid)

A local Burbank family has organized a wearable art fundraiser to benefit the Dellinger Scholarship Fund of the Community Foundation of the Verdugos on Sunday, October 27. Participants will create a one-of-a-kind scarf during a class taught by Mayu Silk Art and proceeds from the event will go directly to the scholarship fund, which supports Burbank Unified graduates who plan to attend college.

Stacy Schnaid, whose daughter was in the last class taught by BUSD second grade teacher Judith Dellinger before her retirement, organized the creative fundraiser to support the Dellinger Scholarship Fund. Schnaid’s family and friends helped establish the scholarship in 2017 to honor Dellinger, who worked for 36 years in the district, and her husband Ernest.

Stacy Schnaid (front, right) and Jill Spector show their painted silk wearable art from Mayu Silk Art in Huntington Beach. (Photo Courtesy Stacy Schnaid)

Mayu Silk Art uses a water marbeling technique to create unique fabrics for a variety of uses. The silk paint party on Sunday will demonstrate the technique. Schnaid was impressed by the company’s approach to wearable art and attended a class in Huntington Beach to learn more.

(Photo Courtesy Stacy Schnaid)

“The art process they were teaching was so unique and looked simply amazing,” explained Schnaid.

“I am always looking for creative ways to raise money for the Dellinger Scholarship and since Mrs. Dellinger loves the arts and always incorporated creativity into her teaching, I thought this would be a fun event for us and allow our supporters to take home a special gift.”

“In 2015, when my daughter and her classmates began graduating from high school, Mrs. Dellinger hosted a ten year reunion for the class. At that reunion, Mrs. Dellinger announced that she and Mr. Dellinger had set aside the funds to help each student attend college.”

“This remarkable gift was such a tremendous lesson in unexpected kindness that it led us to the idea of establishing a scholarship in honor of the Dellingers to pay forward their generosity,” Schnaid also said.

“We started the Dellinger Scholarship fund in 2017, and have since awarded three scholarships to hardworking Burbank Unified School District graduates who value education, demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, engage in community service and emulate the Dellingers’ spirit.”

Water marbeling and silk painting as demonstrated by Mayu Silk Art. (Photo Courtesy Stacy Schnaid)

More than 40 people have already signed up to participate. Interested people may sign up ahead of time online here or call Mayu Silk Art at (714) 379-1990. Mayu Silk Art teachers will guide participants through the process, which takes about 15-30 minutes for each scarf.

The silk paint party costs $59 per person and each participant will take home a one-of-a-kind scarf from the event. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Dellinger Scholarship Fund.

“Since the artists will be bringing the painting trays and supplies from a far distance, we have been encouraging all of our participants to register in advance,” added Schnaid.

“Walk-ins are not guaranteed, but will be allowed if time and supplies permit.”

The fundraising art class will take place on Sunday, October 27, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the plaza outside Verdigo Boulders located at 266 E. Magnolia Boulevard, across from the Burbank Town Center Mall.

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