MAEVE Burbank Hosts Color Run 5K in Support of Metastatic Breast Cancer Research


    On Sunday, October 9th, MAEVE Burbank, a support group for moms in the area, held a 5K Color Run/Walk at McCambridge Park in honor of one of the moms in the community’s recent breast cancer diagnosis. The event helped to raise money for Metavivor, an organization focused on metastatic breast cancer research, support, and awareness.

    Photo by Amanda Sturdy-Topits

    MAEVE Burbank is the Burbank chapter of the national non-profit organization MAEVE that works to empower mothers through support in each other and their communities.  Their Color Run/Walk is their second 5K they have organized to raise money for Metavivor. “In the last two years we have had two members receive a breast cancer diagnosis” said MAEVE Burbank Co-founder and President, Kathryn Kennedy.  “One is no longer in active treatment and another member was diagnosed in January with stage three breast cancer.  Their journey serves as inspiration to spread awareness about breast cancer.”

    The funds raised from the run benefit Metavivor which dedicates 100% of their donations to fund research into stave IV breast cancer. In the United States alone, 100% of people with metastasized breast cancer will die from it with more than 40,000 lives lost each year. Only 2-5% of research goes to metastasis research and organizations believe more effective treatment could be developed if more funding was put into the research.

    Photo by Amanda Sturdy-Topits

    The MAEVE Burbank women trained together for six weeks leading up to the event with the help of one of their members, Rhiannon Clark. Clark is a fitness instructor and run trainer who helped to train the team for free.  She designed a training schedule and accommodated all abilities to include first time runners and postpartum moms. “My favorite part of this race was being able to run with an incredibly strong group of women,” said MAEVE Burbank member Kelly Watson. “For so many of the moms participating, it was their first time running a 5K race, which was so inspiring. Go MAEVE mamas!”

    With Clark’s training, 18 mothers crossed the finish line and raised $1300 of their $1500 goal. “We are collecting donations for the full month of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” said Kennedy. “Donations can be made via our fundraising page where 100% of the money will go directly to Metavivor.”  Help MAEVE Burbank reach their goal of $1500 by donating to their cause here: .

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