Man Arrested for Burglary After Fry’s Shopping Spree


A Los Angeles man was arrested after Burbank Police said he was seen by Fry’s store security filling a jacket with merchandise.

BWP Drought

Mark Perreault (36) was seen entering Fry’s wearing a thick jacket. Store security noticed the man seemed out of place with a heavy jacket as it was 100+ degrees outside.

According to police, he then selected several electronic accessories, concealed them in the jacket and exited the store without paying.  Perreault went to his vehicle briefly, before re-entering the store a second time.

He once again selected several items and hid them inside of his jacket, exited the store without paying and was then stopped by store security.  The total amount of merchandise stolen was $395.89.

Perreault was arrested for Burglary and posted $20,000 bail.  He is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 31, 2014.

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