Man Arrested at Empire Center for Taking Illegal Cell Phone Pictures


A 31-year-old Van Nuys man was arrested by Burbank Police on Tuesday after they claimed he was taking cell phone pictures of women under their skirts without their knowledge.

Jason Collier was taken into custody after police responded to Marshall’s in the Empire Center around 5 pm after receiving a call about a male that was taking cell phone pictures of girls under their skirts. According to police, officers arrived and located a male in front of the store matching the description provided.

Store personnel were contacted and had observed a male that appeared to be taking pictures under the skirts of various females, without them noticing. The man approached two different victims, from behind, and placed his cell phone under their skirt without either of them knowing. Officers spoke with the Collier who admitted to taking the pictures.

“We encourage the public to always be aware of their surroundings and those that are near them. If they ever feel uncomfortable around someone, they need to move away and leave the area where they are at in the store, restaurant, park, library, etc.

“Contact store personnel or employees of the business, and if there is any type of crime that has occurred they should contact the Police Department at 818-238-3000,” Officer Joshua Kendrick stated in a press release.

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center


    1. Why should the victims have to leave? They should tell the perpetrator to leave. We should be telling people not to do these terrible crimes, not tell women be aware of your surroudings

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