Man Arrested For Transporting Guns Not Registered To Him


A North Hollywood man was arrested by police near the intersection of Empire Avenue and Valpreda St. on Sunday, April 20, for several charges related to transporting guns not registered to him and a charge of receiving stolen property, which was later dropped.

Sunny Coban, age 36, was stopped by police at 6:20 p.m. after an officer noticed the 1940 two-door Cadillac Coban was driving had no front license plate and was weaving, according to Lt. Eduardo Ruiz of the Burbank Police Department.

As the officer spoke with Coban, he found out the driver was transporting weapons in a case on the rear seat of the vehicle and Coban and his passenger, a female age 34, were headed to a local shooting range.

The officer opened the case and found five handguns, including one with the serial number removed, added Ruiz. Coban was arrested on multiple charges connected to the possession and transportation of guns of which he was not the registered owner and a charge for receiving stolen property.

Coban posted bail of $20,000 and was released from the Burbank Jail.

However, said Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department on Wednesday, April 23, “The guns were not stolen.”

The case will be presented to the City Attorney today, Ryburn added, for a misdemeanor filing of charges against Coban related to possessing and transporting guns not registered to him.

The police will keep the guns for now, said Ryburn. The registered owner can go through a process proving he is the rightful owner, in addition to a weapons check via the State of California, to retrieve the handguns.

According to California law, guns may only be transported in a vehicle in a locked case with the ammunition removed. The registered owner of the weapon must be present during the transportation and use of a firearm.

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