Man Held On Felony Kidnap And Attempted Rape Charges

By On May 1, 2014

A North Hollywood man remains in custody after police identify him as the suspect in an alleged attempted rape at the Town Center Mall on Wednesday, April 16. The victim, a female age 41, reported the incident to Burbank police on Saturday, April 19.

BPD police Car Logo-2The victim was the lone employee in a store located in the Town Center Mall on April 16, according to Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department. She was vacuuming in the store at 10:15 a.m. when she noticed the suspect, a man she did not know, walk by the store front three times and then enter the store.

“The suspect entered the store and forcibly restrained the victim and moved her several feet into a changing room,” said Ryburn. The suspect allegedly tried to kiss the victim.

Somehow, the victim was able to get away from the suspect and push him out of the changing room, added Ryburn. She then locked the door and waited for some time until she believed it was safe and then exited the changing room.

Detectives received the case on Monday, April 21. The suspect was described as 6′, 180-220 lbs and possibly Armenian. Following that description and using other investigative tools and information, a possible suspect was identified.

On Wednesday, April 23, Michael Shanazari, age 39, was brought in to the station for an interview, continued Ryburn. After the interview and investigation, Shanazari was arrested for kidnapping and held on $1,000,000 bail.

The case was presented to the District Attorney on Friday, April 25, and three felony charges for kidnapping, assault with intent to rape and false imprisonment were filed against Shanazari. His bail has been adjusted to $170,000 and he remains in custody at the L.A. County Jail. He is next due in court on May 14.