Man Stabs Suspect After Early Morning Robbery Attempt


Burbank police were called to a reported stabbing around 4:00 a.m. on Buena Vista near Clark Street on October 19.

According to Sgt. Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department, the victim, an adult man, was riding his bike to work when he spotted two suspects were following him they then forced him to stop after driving their vehicle in front of him.

According to Green in an email, “One of the suspects exited the vehicle and attempted to rob the victim. A second suspect also exited the car, grabbed the victim’s bike, and punched him in the face. The victim retrieved a small, personal pocket knife and stabbed the suspect in self-defense.”

Green said the second suspect immediately returned to the vehicle and retrieved a German Shepard and brought him over to the victim and after lunging and trying to bite the victim, he also stabbed the dog.

Both suspects returned to their vehicle with the dog and fled and officers quickly found the suspects and dog a couple of blocks away at St. Joseph’s Medical Center where the man was being treated in the Emergency Room. One of the suspects was taken into custody and officers called the Burbank Animal Shelter to take the dog to a Veterinarian and is expected to survive according to Green.

Arrested was Christopher Juarez, 21, of El Monte with the identity and disposition of the second man who had been stabbed was not released.

Burbank Paramedics were called to transport the stabbing victim with a stab wound to his upper left chest to a Trauma Center as  St. Joseph’s is not a Level 1 Trauma Center.

Formal charges against both suspects are pending review by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office.