Man Threatening Security Guards at Metrolink with Pellet Gun Arrested

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

On Wednesday, May 2 at 2:00 p.m., Burbank Police responded to a call about a man possibly holding a gun near the Metrolink Station on Front St.

One of the first units on the scene was Burbank’s Air Unit and the Tactical Flight Officers in the helicopter saw the man who appeared to be holding a handgun aimed at two security guards. The suspect was seen getting into a minivan and leaving the Metrolink Station. Responding officers witnessed the van get on the I-5 freeway and pulled it over south of Alameda Ave. The minivan turned out to be an Uber.

Police detained the driver and discovered a pellet gun inside the vehicle, which resembled a real handgun.

The suspect has been identified as Anthony Barraza, 23 of Sun Valley.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

It seems that an argument between Barraza and Metrolink security guards over a smoking ordinance allegedly caused him to lash out and threaten them with the pellet gun.

Before leaving the Metrolink Station, the suspect attempted to get into another vehicle by displaying the pellet gun at a driver.

He was arrested and booked for attempted carjacking and criminal threats.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Barraza is currently being held on $100,000 bail and is due in court Friday, May 4.

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