Many Bret Harte Students Were ‘Covetous’ of Spelling Bee Winner


It started with 44 Bret Harte students and ended with one when fifth grader Andre Fabian was able to correctly spell the word ‘covetous’.  The spelling bee was open to students in grades one through five.

Spelling Bee winner Andre xx
Spelling Bee winner Andre Fabian

Fabian, who is a member of Ms. Davis’ class, moved on to the Regional Bee for Scripps National Spelling Bee where he will be Bret Harte Elementary, as well as the rest of Burbank in the Area regional bee.

Second place was Lindsay Reardon, 4th Grade, Third Place was Arya Desai, 5th Grade.
Julie Thomas and Sylvia Kelman were the chairs for this PTA sponsored event and the judges for the bee were teachers from Bret Harte, Mrs. Bunch, Ms. Dobbertin and Ms. Crystal.
Most spelling bee participants were involved in the weekly Spelling Club that met on Tuesdays to get ready for the big day. Club membership this year was 58 kids.
Thanks to Sylvia Kelman for supplying the information
Spelling Bee 2013 002
Spelling Bee 2013 003