McKinley Rivalry Day Brings Out Friendly Competition

Photo By Ross Benson

As part of William McKinley Elementary School’s annual college month, the McKinley Rivalry Day has been a big event for several years. The school divides up in USC and UCLA teams and enjoy a day of games, races and fun activities.

Joanne Asman, owner of USC’s Traveler, brought the new Traveler to visit the school children on Thursday, November 15, This is the tenth Traveler to bear the famous name and status.

Photo By Ross Benson

Asman started bringing Traveler to visit McKinley several years ago when her grandchild attended the school.

“Truly a great opportunity for the kids to see USC’s inspirational mascot in action, boosting college awareness and competitive spirits,” commented McKinley parent Ray Juarez, who has organized Rivalry Day for the past three years.

“We calendar the event very close to classic USC/UCLA rivalry football game hoping to capture the students’ attention and promote college aspirations,” he added. “We encourage students to wear their favorite college gear that day and talk about the anticipated football game.”

Photo By Ross Benson

Students received free USC and UCLA stickers and participated in a USC/UCLA relay race.

“I personally enjoyed hearing the students cheer for their favorite team during the relay race,” Juarez also said. “Special thanks to Traveler and team for their ongoing support!”

In addition to Rivalry Day, McKinley also hosted a Career Day earlier in the month with approximately 40 members of the Burbank community, from police officers and firefighters to City officials and local business leaders, talking about their jobs.

The entire fifth grade class visited UCLA on Thursday, November 20, for a PTA-sponsored trip as part of college month.

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