McMahon Becomes The New $10 Million Dollar Man In Burbank


A new home and a new truck are in the future for Brian McMahon, a Southern California man who won the $10 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot that was hit on Saturday night. McMahon, who makes props for the entertainment industry for a living, now gets a chance to live the kind of dream that is often featured in Hollywood films. Besides buying a new home and truck, McMahon said he plans to use the money to have a “great life.” “I want to make the money grow and secure my children’s’ future and my grandchildren’s future,” he said.

McMahon is a regular SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions and Fantasy 5 player. When he found out that he had hit five numbers and the Mega number on Sunday, he let out a big victory yell of “Woo!” he recalled. McMahon purchased the winning ticket at La Paz Liquor, located at 4101 West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank. The owners of the store, Daniel and Jin Roh, are also winners because they get a bonus of $50,000, which is one-half of a percent of the jackpot.

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