Men Arrested for Attempted Burglary at Ralphs Market


Alert Burbank police officers used a little common sense in the rain Saturday night which led to the arrest for two suspects for Attempted Burglary according to Burbank Police.

Officers were driving through the Ralph’s parking lot at San Fernando and Alameda when they observed a vehicle which had it’s the windows rolled down. Due to the rain, the                       officers attempted to determine why the windows were down in the rain.  As the officers approached, the vehicle sped away in attempt to avoid the officers.

The officers conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle for traffic violations.  Both subjects in the vehicle were found to be in possession of burglary tools.  Further investigation revealed the vehicle the subjects had been parked next to at the Ralph’s parking lot prior to being stopped by the officers had the driver’s side door locks tampered with.

Jose Gallardo (31) of Lancaster and Miguel Huezo (30) of Sun Valley were arrested for possession of burglary tools and booked at the Burbank jail.  Gallardo has no bail and was scheduled to appear in court on March 3. Huezo posted $20,000.00 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on March 26


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