Backpack At Downtown Burbank Train Station Causes Bomb Scare


Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station, surrounding streets closed during evening rush hour.

A robot deployed by the Sheriff’s Bomb Squad raises the backpack out of a trash can so it can be examined further (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

A backpack discarded in a trash can at the Burbank Metrolink Station Wednesday afternoon, caused closure of the station and surrounding streets, and delays to trains.

The incident began at 5:01 p.m. when a security guard at the Downtown Burbank Metolink Station at 201 N. Front St., reported to Burbank Police that there was a suspicious backpack in a trash can at the station.  The first officers on scene assessed the situation and requested additional units to close off the area.  The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Bomb Squad was called and responded to the station.

Front St. was closed to traffic from Burbank Blvd. to Verdugo Ave.  Access to the west side of the Metrolink Station at Flower St. and Olive Ave. was also blocked.  Police removed pedestrians from the Olive Overpass, and eventually stopped vehicular traffic over the bridge.   Police used their Traffic Control Officers to assist with the street closures.  The Burbank Fire Department responded with Engine 11, and Rescue Ambulance 11.   Metrolink trains were stopped and remained some distance from the station until the device could be examined.

Metro Link Trains were stopped both north and south of the station for about an hour during the investigation (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

The Bomb Squad arrived at the station shortly before 6 p.m.  They used a robot to examine the backpack. The backpack was determined to be inert shortly after 6:30 p.m.   The station was reopened, and Metrolink train service was allowed to continue.  All streets were re-opened with the exception of Front St.  Southbound vehicular traffic was blocked at Burbank Blvd. due to the large number of emergency vehicles next to the Metrolink Station.

At least three television news helicopters were overhead during the incident.  The noise from the helicopters alerted local residents that something was happening.  Those who subscribe to tweets on Twitter were kept up to date as the incident unfolded.

After the incident was over, and station opeations returned to normal, emergency response personnel involved in the incident held a debriefing with the Sheriff’s Bomb Squad.  The entire operation was over and the scene cleared at 9:20 p.m.

The entire Metro Link and bus station was shut down a well as the Olive Overpass during the incident. (Photo By Craig Sherwood)


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